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So, here I am. I've been gone for awhile, and the ol' LiveJournal's gotten a tad grimy. But it's still here, and it's still intact. And, in its way, it's home.

Where have I been for nine months? I have been busy, and stressed, and unable to crank out long strings of words about it all. I've been unwilling, for some reason, to dig into the details of my personal life, the reasons for all that stress, so I instead found an outlet in Twitter and Facebook, where the spaces are smaller, and the demands are lighter. A chipper 140-character telegraph is easier to pull off when one is determined to keep one's head down and fly under the radar.

And Polidori Chocolates got its own site, after a ridiculous cock-up with Etsy. One of the things that happens when you start any business is that you make mistakes and learn along the way. This venture, starting as it did on LiveJournal, has been a little like learning to tightrope-walk in public, without benefit of a net. That's probably a big reason I pulled away from LJ, which was my online home for seven years -- mistakes began to feel like personal failures, and my inner life and my professional life were all becoming far too intertwined.

But I'm here again, stress and all. And because the personal and the professional are so intertwined, I'll mention that I'm having a big-ass sale at Polidori -- new marshmallows, and discounted collections, and lower shipping rates on some items. Lemon marshmallows! Pomegranate marshmallows (they're pink!)! 

And now, to slay more dragons. :-)

You guys rock.

Margo - patience=losers
The Internet may be a widespread series of tubes, but it's also a community -- and my community kicks ass.

Thanks to every single one of you who placed a chocolate order. You are, excuse the overused word, awesome. The orders will ship next Monday, June 22. This will be a busy week. You can still order, if you like -- if you want it, I'll happily make it. :-)

Thanks, especially, to shadesong and yuki_onna  and copperwise and cleolinda , who boosted the signal to their many, many readers. Beyond awesome.

Sometimes the asshats drive me over the edge.

Margo - patience=losers
My response to one of the comments following my last Cinematical post:

I generally make it a policy to not respond to negative comments -- I
find it's best not to engage with contentious readers -- but I'm making
an exception in your case.

You got me. Man, you hit that nail squarely on the head. I thought I
could hide my Super Sekrit Man-Hatin' Feminazi Agenda behind a facade
of easy-to-read words, but you, sir, were the only one wise enough to
glean the true meaning of what Linda Holmes and myself were saying.

You're so right. We don't want to see the occasional adventure
starring a non-princessy female protagonist. We're not politely
requesting that Pixar and Disney acknowledge that girls and women are
fully formed, complex people with more going on than buying shoes,
wearing pretty clothes, cooking meals, doing laundry, and telling the
Man of the Family that he's doing a great job as he slays his daily

Nope, we want more. Holmes and I, we're part of a massive, world-wide
cabal of bitches and shrews who want every movie, every TV show, every
book, CD, podcast, and comic book to be about Womyn. Note the way I
used a 'y' in the word? That's so it doesn't have men in it. That's
the sort of thing that crazy feminist anarchists like Linda and I do.

I envy you, Citizen M. It must be crazy-awesome to be a super-genius
who understands the true hearts and minds of both women AND writers,
so that you don't have to actually take what they write at face
value. It's like a mutant power -- like X-ray vision, ONLY WITH

You, sir, are a credit to your gender.
This seems to be the week for your LiveJournal friends to tell you what desperate straits they're in, isn't it? If your Friends' list is anything like mine, that is.

Well, add me to your list. I'm between jobs (there is a job on the horizon, a cool one, but they're taking their sweet time getting me on board and on the freaking payroll), and I'm busted, flat, dead broke. Like, scary broke.

But I will not, under any circumstances, ask LiveJournal friends to give me money. No, no, no, NO NO. That will not happen. So don't look for a PayPal button at the bottom of this post. Ain't gonna happen.

But I don't want to end up living in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass, either. And the rent's past due. So forgive me if it seems like I'm being glib. I'm dead serious. And I'm dropping my usual "dignity at all costs" attitude and throwing this out there:

If you've ever bought chocolate from me, wanted to buy chocolate from me, enjoy chocolate in any form, or know someone who does ... please order some truffles, or marshmallows, or the new new S'mores Kits.

I'll cut here for length, but clickity-click and read all about the Polidori Chocolates Etsy store, the new S'mores Kits (with handmade graham crackers!) and other fun stuff.

You'll be helping out yet another starving-ass writer who really, really needs it right now, and getting something pretty tasty in return.

The cheerier, fun stuff is below the cut.

Check out the S'mores, and moreCollapse )

Rant much?

In which I share a blog post by NPR's Linda Holmes on Pixar's lack of girl protagonists, boggle at the Cro-Mag responses to her piece, and get a little lecture-y about sexism:  Ask Pixar to Make a Film About Girls? Why, That's Just 'P.C. B.S.!"


Cinematical comment slam.

Jeebus on dino
I love this new comment that just popped up on an older Cine post. It's like a poem:

I love monsters vs Aliens and I ask to Dreamworks new adventures of
our favourites characters: Ginormica,BOB,dr Coakroach,missing
link,insectosaurus and General WR Monger.
In their future plans have to realize a Monsters vs Aliens saga.
It´s my desire, it´s our Desire.
As I am an Master of Self-Promotion, it suddenly occurs to me that I should be mentioning/linking to my Cinematical stuff.

Here's a handy page where you can find things I've been writing about.  There are gripping posts about Why SkyNet is Really Stupid, the new Amazon LGBT store, the truth behind the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Terminator bobble heads (wtf??), and how sad it is that Tom Sizemore has fucked up his life.

You should also check out the Cinematical site proper, because we have some other pretty dandy writers that, you know, aren't me.

I told you I wasn't feeling well.

Rip Torn mug
The lovely new apartment complex that boasted such fabulous trees and shrubs and foliage when we moved in back in November? Is now in full bloom.

It turns out that we're Cottonwood Central, and Thursday found the entire complex hip-deep in allergen-laden snowdrifts. And it hit my sinuses like a nuclear attack.

THURSDAY:   Sneezed from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Claritin wouldn't touch it. When I finally got enough work done that I could afford to be drowsy (and was on the verge of a physical and emotional breakdown because I'd been sneezing convulsively for six hours straight -- I took two Benedryl. And passed out.

FRIDAY:  Less sneezing, but I had a fever. Also, I felt like my head was full of bees. Drugged myself up with Alka-Selzer Cold Medicine and Claritin, and went with Patrick to see Cinematic Titanic, which was an amazing, wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime event. Joel Hodgson, Live! Mary Jo Piehl, live! TV's Frank, singing a song! Trace Beaulieu! J. Elvis Weinstein! The movie was East Meets Watts, and oh, it was delightful, despite my allergy-drug fog.

SATURDAY:  Still felt like crap, but not as sneezy. Woke up, let the dog out, then jumped into clothes to get coffee and see Up. Which was terrific, although not quite as terrific as The Incredibles or Wall-E. Which means that it's only fantastic, as opposed to an OMYGAWD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS classic. But still ... fantastic. Came home, took more drugs, slept some more.

After the nap, Pat and I headed over to Guardian Games for the all-day/all-night zombie thing they were hosting. Saw Aaron Duran and his wife Jenn, Mr. Emerson (briefly) and a large crowd of gaming nerds. I had no idea how long we'd stay, since I was still suffering from the effects of the cold meds, but we played a game of Zombies!!, struggled to play Left4Dead on a real game controller (playing on a gigantic monitor was amazing) and I got my zombie makeup done. Yes, that's me with my zombie on. It's not the effects of the allergies. Seriously, I looked bad with the allergy thing, but I didn't look dead. I met some nice people, had a beer ... and then came home and collapsed.

SUNDAY:  We cleaned up the house. We made pulled pork in the crockpot. And played video games. And I slept some more, because this allergy thing was tenacious.

Which brings us to Monday. And another picture of me as a zombie. Honestly? I wish I could look like this every day. It brings out the green in my eyes:

Adventures in working at home.

House - and?
I live on the bottom floor of a three-story building. I have a nice covered concrete patio off the living room, and I bought a thrift-store table to put out there (well, here, really, since I'm there now) so I can work outside when the weather's warm.

My neighbors directly above have two small dogs, and in the evenings they spend some of their time on the neighbor's deck/balcony, doing the barky/scratchy/rompy things that small dogs do.

This means that in the mornings when I come out to work here, the first thing I have to do is clean the dog hair off the desk, which has drifted down between the open slats of the neighbors' deck.

There's something kind of creepy about that. But I suppose it could be worse. There could be, I don't know, bees.

Two days ago, we came out and found a puddle of something drying on the glass table that we'd also put out here. It's usually the dining table, but when I had dinner guests one evening I swapped it out for a bigger wood table, and haven't swapped 'em back yet.

Patrick:  There's, um, something on the table.

Me:  Yeah, I saw that.

Patrick:  God, do you think it's dog pee?

Me: (peering at puddle)  It doesn't look like it. I think they might have just spilled coffee or something.

Patrick:  Well, I don't want to clean it up.

Me:  Neither do I.

After staring each other down for a minute, we rock-paper-scissor'd for it. I won.
I've reached that Woman of a Certain Age point, where I still have a sense of whimsy but I'm just too damn old to wear some types of clothing without looking kinda silly.

Yet, I still shopped Torrid's online, half-off clearance sale over the weekend. Because hey, inexpensive clothes. And honestly? As cheaply made as most of Torrid's clothes are, pretty much the only time I'll buy from them is when stuff's on clearance. Half-off clearance makes it about the right price, actually.

The package just arrived, and here's the result:

The skull scarf (left) is fine. Because skulls are timeless. I just have to figure out how to drape it in that super-cool way all the kids (and Middle Easterners) are doing. ($4.50)

This shirt (right) is actually quite attractive, although it's awfully small for the size it's supposed to be. Plus, it's that super-cheap "thermal" T-shirt thickness material that will probably warp like crazy when I wash it. ($15)

Train case (left). For my makeup. It's ... a makeup case. It would be nice if it had some compartments built in but, again, for the price it'll do nicely. ($6.50)

And then there's the hoodie. Hey, it was $16. And it's a nice, lightweight T-shirt-ish fabric, comfy for summer.

But it's also so much more painfully, self-consciously adorable in person than in the photo. Maybe the hearts should have tipped me off. Or the words written across the ass. It's so very ... teenager.

I am wearing this right now.

I am a grumpy curmudgeon, working at home .... dressed like a 15-year-old.

It's comfortable, though. And sort of ridiculous.


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